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Meet Paige White, a rising star of Los Angeles’ theater scene. Paige will be gracing our boards as the voice of Sara in tomorrow’s benefit reading of The Rose Tree. Join us for this wonderful event and help bring a family together. You can also see her in the fantastic family friendly production of Walking the Tightrope at the 24th Street Theater.

When did you start performing?

I did a recitation of Shel Silverstein poetry in first grade. People laughed and I was hooked. My mom was really sick through all of my childhood and I loved the escape it provided.

What bedtime story do you remember best?

Little Pilgrim’s Progress (big Christian family)

Name three qualities of creative people.

The front page with Paige

Paige appeared in the critically acclaimed War Cycle at Los Angeles Theater Ensemble.

Inquisitive, hungry, (24 hours later she adds…) and forgetful?

Do you approach playing children characters differently than playing adults?

Kids are emotional live wires. They haven’t developed their cloaking devices. They feel fully. They react first and process intellectually later. This is not to diminish their intellect. They are more comfortable in living in the not knowing, in the discovery. Because they are still discovering their world and who they are. Adults can get trapped in thinking they know more than they do.

Favorite cereal growing up?

Fruity Pebbles… but I wasn’t allowed to have it. I just longed for it.

If you were making a music box what song would it play?

Sound of Music – best movie ever.

Come hear Page at our reading of The Rose Tree this Thursday, February 21 and then you should run, not walk, to see her in Walking The Tightrope at 24th Street Theater.

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