About the Theater

L’Enfant Terrible is a French term often used for a child or adolescent who speaks in such a candid way that they often reveal terrifyingly shocking truths about the adult world and humanity.

The L’Enfant Terrible group formed because of our love of storytelling and the belief that amazing, entertaining and subversive theater doesn’t have to live in the realm of Adults Only theater—the true universality of storytelling appeals to all ages and all communities.

L’Enfant Programming

We want to make the first experience everyone has with our theater unforgettable. Someday we want to reach audiences across the country—throughout schools, camps, and parks as well as theaters. Our immediate goal is to make theater affordable and interact with communities across Los Angeles.

Our Values

We strive to make work that is excellent and rigorous. We bring the text to life with a being and aliveness that celebrates risk taking and endless discovery. We are searching for meaningful connections with our audience. We execute our storytelling through a stylized framework. We believe the theater is a place for an intersection of diverse communities. L’Enfant respects and honors the time and talent of each artist who have collaborated on the work and we consider every member of our team to be a storyteller. We want our theater to be accessible by all and most importantly provide an unforgettable day of entertainment for young and old.

Key Players

Angela Berliner – Executive Creative Director

Justin Zsebe – Artistic Producer

Seth Compton – Executive Producer

La Famille

All of our funding has come from family, friends, and fans. Thank you for your generous support! Click here to join la famille.

Anonymous, Kian Ahmadian, Ursula Angell. Lindsley Allen, Kian Ahmadian, John Burton, Angela M Berliner, Jesse Berger, Steve Berliner, Karen Berliner, Blaire Chandler, Lian Cheramie, Seth Compton, Talbot Dewey, Cynthia A. DeNeve, Jonathan Flier, Rachael M Flanery, Kerrie Kitto, Mark L. Lewis, Margaret Motheral, Morgan Elizabeth Pansing, James Rollyson, Nicol Razon, Anthony Russo, Carmella Riley, Kimberly Ricks, Michael Schlitt, Ann Schultz, Nancy K Stone, Beth Tapper, Aaron Wilkerson, and Joshua N Zeller.