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Another way you can know what’s going on is to follow our News Blog. We will provide fun facts about the performances, introduce you to some of the artists, share articles that are relevant to arts programming for youth, and each month we’ll declare an honorary L’Enfant Terrible. The best way to follow all of that is to subscribe to our RSS feed. You can do that by clicking the button below which will allow you to set up a newsreader account. It is free and easy and will change your life.


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L’Enfant Terrible is supported almost completely by you! A donation in any amount ensures we’ll continue to bring vibrant stories like these to the stage and keep ticket prices affordable for the whole family. We use a service called Razoo. It’s kind of like Kickstarter but with less fees which means more of your support goes directly to the project. All donations for the Festival are tax deductible and are made through our fiscal sponsor, the Rampart Theater Project (the Bootleg). Thank you for your consideration.

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Well, it’s finally time to close down the group page and fire up the Fan Page! Click below to “like” L’Enfant Terrible on Facebook. We think Facebook is a great place for dialogue. You can go on there to post photos and give us feedback. If you are not sure what to say here’s a question: We want to make unforgettable theater for All Ages- tell us how we did! Did your children talk about it after the show? Are your four year olds quoting Shakespeare? What would you like to see in the next Fun Family Festival?