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Debbie Levine and Walking the Tightrope

There is an amazing family friendly play you should know about: Walking the Tightrope at the 24th Street Theatre. It stars Paige White (whom we interviewed last week) and is directed by Debbie Devine.

Debbie and her husband (and producing partner) Jay McAdams were two of LA Weekly’s People of 2012 and together they run the 24th Street Theatre. She has been an Arts Education leader for 15 years and dedicated to sophisticated work for families. She is the director of the LA Philharmonic’s “orchestral theater” and Hollywood Bowl’s Summer Sounds and the Chair of Theater at the Colburn School. The plays at 24th Street Theater are often in Spanish with English subtitles and tour across the country, to Mexico, and through South America. Describing her work Debbie proclaims that “A single 30 year old man should be just as moved and engaged as a 4 year old girl.” We couldn’t agree more.

Do you have a quarter? If you live near the 24th Street theater you will get a penny in change when you go to the box office. Because tickets are 24 cents for neighbors! The LA Times says: “Delicately poised between children’s fable and adult reverie at once, only to become another transcendent thing altogether, Walking the Tightrope at 24th Street Theatre delivers the evocative, cathartic goods.”

So check it out! In the meantime we asked Debbie some questions that none of the other newspapers in town have asked. Enjoy our fifth installment of L’Interview in which we introduce you to another amazing artists.

Do you have a favorite childhood story?

Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique 😉 It meant I had to grow up and be a warrior.

Do you have a favorite letter or word?

Cool. Our after school program is called After ‘Cool because it’s just that cool.

Did you have any nicknames when you were a kid?


What’s your favorite piece of music of all time?

Amazing Grace

Name three characteristics of every creative person you’ve met.

Crazy, heart broken, indefatigable and contrary

Popsicle, creamsicle, or fudgesicle?

Ice-cream sandwich

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else? What’s your secret?

Napping. I’m tired.

Did you have a fort, a tree house, or a secret hiding place where you would go to when you were upset or wanted to hide?

Two chairs and a sheet.

What is the most rewarding creative project you have ever worked on and why?

Building 24th Street Theatre. Because we can both touch our local community and touch our international community while touring. Around the world we have so much in common.

Walking the Tightrope is playing at the 24th Street Theatre on Saturdays at 2 and 7:30 through March 30. The performance is in English. Click the banner below for more information! Don’t miss it!

24th Street Theater

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