Shakespeare was a Patriot

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He loved his king he loved his queen
At many of his shows they could be seen
Cheering and boo-ing and having fun times
And rolling their eyes at the obvious end rhymes.

Fast forward four hundred years or so,
Are you looking for a place for friends and family to go?
We’ve taken Shakespeare’s plays and made them outrageous
For young, and old, and well… All Ages!Sleep chicken, goood chicken.

Do you want to stay cool and celebrate Fourth?
Then buy a pass to see all our shows henceforth.
Where you ask?! Shakespearean plays + AC ?!?!
Why it’s at the Fun Family Festival of Tragedy.

It’s happening at the Bootleg Theater (as always)
At noon and two on Saturdays and Sundays.

~L’Enfant Terrible

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