Aaron the Bore: Then and Now

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Aaron the Bore 2007 and 2011

Meet RJ Jones, the man with “no nose… not a clown… not funny.” That is, when he’s playing Aaron the Bore in Titus the Clownicus. You can also see him as a Miner in King O’Leary – all part of the Fun Family Festival of Tragedy. He is reprising his role of Aaron from the original production of Titus the Clownicus at the Actors Gang in 2007.

What’s behind your best work?
Bravery. I can do my best when I allow myself to approach my work fearlessly. It doesn’t always happen. But, I’m always trying to be fearless.

What would you put in a time capsule if you were to open it 50 years from now on 2061?
5 gallons of gas. I bet it’d be worth a fortune!

What’s your favorite word or letter?
R closely followed by J

What’s your favorite music of all time?
“Whip it” by Devo

What is it like to play the same role in two different productions?
I hope I’m constantly growing in my craft. I feel I have something more to bring than what I had to give 4 years ago. I think the story is better understood by the cast as a whole and by me in particular. So, the story telling is better.

Name three characteristics of every creative person you’ve met.
Fearless. Inquisitive. Hopeful.

Popsicle, Fugicle, or Creamsicle?

RJ is a Chicago actor living in Los Angeles. He has performed on both regional and international stages and is happy he now gets to “bring it” to L’Enfant Terrible. The Fun Family Festival of Tragedy runs through July 31.

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