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Find out the who the real monster is June 11 at 12 o'clock

Meet Andrew Leman, the artist behind the Fun Family Festival poster and logo. Above, you can see the evolution of Macbeth’s monster. Looks like what ends up being a gripping graphic started out as an action figure.

Posted below are some animals who auditioned for the buffalo and chicken jobs but didn’t get cast.

What’s your favorite cartoon of all time?

What’s Opera, Doc?

What do you read, watch, or look at every day?

Most days I read or at least skim the website Boing Boing. I find much of what’s posted there quite interesting.

What are you working on right now?

The Arkham Sanitarium sanity assessment and diagnostic kit. What started off as a goofy idea has become a fabulously complicated and comprehensive goofy product with elaborate calculating wheels, a board game, six decks of cards, inkblots, and custom-made pencils, among other things.

Popsicle, Fugicle, or Creamsicle?

Definitely Fudgsicle.

What are your favorite works of art?

Hommage by Leopoldo Maler

Paintings by Lyonel Feininger and Hugh Ferriss, sculptures by Paul Manship and Donald De Lue.

Graphics and lettering by Chris Ware.

What’s your favorite music of all time?

Possibly Aubade from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev or maybe Brahms’ Rhapsody 79 No. 2, but I’d love to hear it fully orchestrated. Also What the Thunder Said as played by Duke Ellington’s All Star Road Band is pretty great, as is Glenn Miller’s String of Pearls

What’s the most fun you have ever had in a theater?

Noises Off in London with Sean Branney in 1988.

Where can we see more of your designs/work? or or

Take a look at the full poster on our Fun Family Festival Event Page

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