What is the Fun Family Festival of Tragedy?

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We’re doing this thing.

The Fun Family Festival of Tragedy

What is it?

It is going to be a great family activity in Los Angeles. L’Enfant Terrible and the Bootleg theater are presenting a series of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies: King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Titus.

But this isn’t your grandma’s children’s theater. It’s going to be one of those awesome things to do in LA for kids and adults. Let’s break it down.

It’s Fun – Funny, foolish, wackadoo, whimsical.

For the whole Family – Those people in your life you have to do things with. They can be related to you or not. This is an event to come together and bring friends along too!

All in a Festival – It is a whole series. Usually theaters will present one play at a time. We’re doing four at once in the hopes that you come to the theater again and again. You have to buy tickets for each show seperately. But if you’re seeing more than one, we recommend buying a Fun Family Festival Pass.

Tragedies?! – Yes, we know. In tragedies the characters usually die. But we frame these stories as being about families and emotions. The characters struggle and have fears and face hardships.

But don’t worry. We promise to bring it all back to the beginning- the Fun part. We guarantee they will be fun. These vibrant and outrageous plays are filled with joy and love.

Come see for yourselves.

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