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L’Enfant Terrible of the Month
A very merry 3 year old conducting to the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Watch the whole thing. Hat tip to Mr. Farley (and over 2 million other viewers) for turning us onto this gem of a video. Apparently the boy’s family is not extremely musical but he does take violin lessons and listens to Beethoven. No official sponsorship from Gap yet.

L’Enfant Terrible literary translates from French as the terrible child but is an expression used to describe “a child who embarrasses his elders by untimely remarks” as well as an “unusually successful person who is strikingly unorthodox, innovative, and/or avant-garde.”

Here are some of the best comments:
“Could Beethoven have imagined what kind of joy he could inspire in a 3 year old boy?”
“This is really exciting to watch. I’m studying comp and conducting in graduate school and I have colleagues who can’t do some of this.” -TheRealmsOfGold
“Great imagination, which is communicated with the body very clear and expressive. I am inspired to move. Thank you for sharing. :-)” -konradszykonrad
“Ha! I’m hiding any trace of this video from my board of directors! (I’m trying to keep my job people!)”
-Anthony Parnther, Orange County Symphony

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