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L’E(nfant) hits up LA

Last month Justin Zsebe, director and founding member of L’Enfant Terrible, brought Louisiana a bit of the L’ET flair.  It all started last winter when he wrote and directed Unbearably Lo_ely, a mash-up of the writings of Tennessee Williams, in Lafayette, Louisiana. This winter his collaboration continued. Through an ongoing partnership with the Acadiana Center for the Arts and local theater company Acting Up in Acadiana, Justin spent a week in the other LA.

Acting workshops were held for local students ranging from third grade to high school seniors. Educators, administrators, artists, and curious members of the community were then invited to participate in professional development sessions that focused on practical and proven techniques for teaching in the arts and teaching through the arts. Amy Waguespak from Acting Up In Acadiana reports “The students LOVED working with Justin. The core thing that students and teachers walk away with is an awakening to the beauty and power of theatrical storytelling by connecting very personal emotions and responses to something bigger than them: ensemble, audience, history, and literature.” You can peep the pictures by clicking here.

Someday we hope to introduce Lafayette to L’Enfant. In the meantime we are planning our next work for Southern California’s LA.

Student responses:
“I love how you broke all of us out of our shells. I wish everyday learning could be this fun.” –Desiree

“I liked how you made everyone come out of their comfort zones. At school you don’t really get to see how people really are when they are being goofy. No one wants to get teased, so they don’t put themselves out there at all. You made that go away for a while.” –Emily

“You woke me up in a very positive way.” – Kaze


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